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Dry Cleaning Services Based in Los Angeles, California

VIP Cleaners gets your clothes looking like new with our professional laundry services. Cleaning your clothes is easy with our laundry and dry cleaning services in Beverly Hills, California.

Dry Cleaning
Your clothes won't shrink with our dry cleaning services. The clothes are cleaned without water and into a 5th generation machine. They are cleaned with a chemical that is safe for the environment. Through the drying process dirt, stains, and odor is removed.

Your items are washed and ironed with state of the art equipment. They are washed in different types of detergents and spot cleaners. The detergents remove hard to clean dirt and stains including oil, blood, and more.

Laundry Services Include:

      Pants       Shirts       Sheets

      Dresses & More

Your clothes are cleaned in the best quality with our commercial washer. Count on our expertise to get your clothes spotless.

Have your clothes fit perfectly to your body. Alterations are a great way to get the perfect length, style, and seam. Our alterations also include fixing and repairs material, buttons, hems, zippers, and more.

Don't walk around with clothes are not fit to you. Have your clothes fit perfectly with our alteration services. Contact us to have your blanket or other item's length altered.

Have your professional cleaning company take care of your clothes today. When you're tired of fighting the stains, bring it to us.

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